5 Super Perfume Gift Sets for Women

5 perfume gift sets for women that will bring a smile on her face

Are you looking for a super present to get the woman in your life. You are going to love these 5 super ideas for perfume gift sets for women listed below.

5 perfume gift sets for women

Eau de toilette, whether in single bottle or in sets, make outstanding perfume gift ideas for a wife. Although women generally stick with just one or two different fragrances, they also enjoy trying new ones. However, many times women hesitate to buy a new perfume just because they have other priorities in life. Now that the holidays are on, you have the opportunity to get your only one sweetheart an unique gift.

Perfume gift sets for women are the best way to show your wife how much you love and care for her. Try to find the one eau de toilette she is eager to try out in this moment. Once you have got a clue, head to the closer beauty store to buy her whether the single bottle or a whole set that includes the deodorant, body lotion and/or shower gel.

And if you can’t find out the one that will please her, choose between these 5 super ideas for perfume gift sets for women.

Angel Women’s Gift Set Perfume

Angel Perfume by Thierry Mugler, .8 oz Eau De Parfum Spray Refillable for WomenCheck Price at FragranceX

Angel eau de parfum for women by Thierry Mugler was crafted with talent. It is some kind of magical fragrance. Angel for Women by Thierry Mugler has been around since 1992 and is still popular among women.

The fragrance includes notes of vanilla, patchouli and sandal wood. These will provide your wife with a warm sensation. These scents come with lighter notes of peach and citrus tied with chocolate and caramel hints – this is a quite unusual mixture.

Angel eau de parfum for women evokes memories from childhood, times of innocence and happiness. Your wife will love to be remembered when as a child she was happily playing with just a sheet of paper and a few markers. Nostalgia for simpler times is what she is going to feel when using this perfume.

The fragrance suits all women, and raises the angel that lies into each of them. It is also suitable for wearing during daytime and works pretty well for nighttime or for a formal evening dinner.

Cartier Baiser Volé

Baiser Vole Perfume by Cartier, 3.4 oz Eau De Parfum Spray for WomenCheck Price at FragranceX

Baiser Volé by Cartier is an unique fragrance that was made out of Lily flower. To create this perfume, Cartier conceivers didn’t make use of oils and extracts. Instead, they used the organic way. Petals, leaves and pistons were infused in this perfume, in a natural way. This is thus a very natural fragrance.

Cartier Baiser Volé eau de parfum produces a floral powdery fragrance once your wife puts it on her skin. This provides her with a delicate and attractice smell, but also makes her feel as beautiful as the Lily flower used to create the scent.

This subtle fragrance is perfect for women attracted with organic products as well as sophisticated and fashion designer brand. Baiser Volé is sure to make an impression in any place your wife will go. She will always be surrounded with a very attractive smell.

A word of caution: due to its organic nature the smell might be subject to change. This is due to the skin pigmentation and level of stress.

D & G Light Blue Women’s Gift Set

Light Blue Perfume by Dolce & Gabbana, 3.4 oz Eau De Toilette Spray for WomenCheck Price at FragranceX

Conceived by Dolce & Gabbana, Light blue eau de toilette for women has been around since 2001. It is still highly popular 13 years after it was first released. It is among the best perfume gift ideas for a wife as it comes with one-of-a-kind subtle scent which is going to turn your sweetheart’s head (and yours by the way).

There is a great number of different scents in Light Blue perfume but they all fit very well together. Notes include: granny smith, jasmine, bamboo, musk, rose, cedarwood, bluebell, amber… This fragrance is made for casual use. It is light, powerful, yet so feminine.

D & G have put all their knowledge and passion in the creation of a perfume as it is conceived to suit all women. Your significant other will be able to wear this perfume for any kind of activities. She will be able to wear it on work days, parties, formal evenings, picnics, etc. This eau de toilette will always do its job.

Light Blue is a versatile fragrance that is sure to please your wife. It will make her stand out, feel quiet, and provide her with self-confidence.

Daisy Eau So Fresh Women’s Gift Set by Marc Jacobs

Daisy Eau So Fresh Perfume by Marc Jacobs, 2.5 oz Eau De Toilette Spray for WomenCheck Price at FragranceX

An unique gift for an unique person. Daisy Eau So Fresh fragrance consists in a whimsical scent. It is something absolutely unusual. The fragrance is perfect and can be worn in any time.

Provided that your sweetheart already knows the Daisy perfume and likes it, she will literaly fall in love with Daisy Eau So Fresh. It is the new frangrance that succeeds to Daisy. The latest one is more adventurous than its elder sister. It was designed for the fun and intrepid woman that lies in your wife.

Daisy Eau So Fresh is a light, feminine, airy fragrance that will suit any woman who would want to show off her whimsical personality. The first notes consist in raspberry, pear and grapefruit. Next notes that your wife will recognize are jasmine, violet, litchi, apple blossom and rose. The deepest notes include cedar, plum and musk.

Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs is a sweet perfume. When receiving this whimsical eau de toilette, your wife will acknowledge that it is the ideal scent to wear on a romantic dinner just the two of you.

Romance by Ralph Lauren, perfume for her

Romance by Ralph Lauren for Women – 3.4 Ounce EDP Spray

Romance by Ralph Lauren is a perfume especially designed with women in mind. Ralph Lauren’s Romance fragrance comes with rose, white violet, lotus flower and marigold hints. A little bit of patchouli and musk will be noticed as well. The entire mixture is supposed to remind you from the smell of love. This makes this perfume a fantastic perfume gift idea for a wife.

Romance perfume is the ideal light fragrance that can be worn on any occasion. Because it reminds of the smell of flowers in bloom and comes with very spring-y notes, it is appreciated as much by teens than by adult women.

The best way to make the most out of it is by spraying it on the neck and wrists. Because the fragrance is light and delicate, it can be worn at work as well without disturbing anyone with its scents. Instead, Romance is inspiring and invites to good thoughts.

Note: this perfume is more expensive at FragranceX than on Amazon.

Get one of these 5 perfume gift ideas for a wife

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