5 Top Kitchen Herb Garden Indoor Kits

Among the different types of gardens one can start with, herb gardens are among the easiest to grow. Kitchen herb garden indoor kits make wonderful gifts for garden lovers. They are perfect for people just starting out, whether planting outside, on the patio, or even inside their kitchen. They make also perfect gifts for trained green thumbs who live in small spaces – or not. Here are some of the top kitchen herb garden indoor kits you should consider when looking for gifts for garden lovers.

Kitchen Herb Garden Indoor Kits

Grow your own herbs kits

Herb Lover's Kitchen Garden Kit by Abundant Living. Great Gift for Foodies, Chefs & Gardeners! Just Add Water. Everything Included. Easy-to-Grow Indoor Herbs Plus Kitchen Scissors/Shears & Recipes!Herb Lover’s Kitchen Garden Kit


Another excellent herb garden kit is the Herb Lover’s Kitchen Garden Kit from Abundant Living. This herb garden kit for indoor use comes with different herbs, as well as a detailed instruction booklet to help grow and care for herbs. This starter kit includes two large mason jars. These jars enable you to see how much water you’re pouring into them or how much herbs need. It also makes you able to actually see how your herbs grow. This herb garden kit makes also a fun and eductional set for children to learn how to grow greens.

Kitchen herb garden indoor kits

Herb Garden Planter by Planter Pro's - Complete Herb Garden Kit - Indoor Garden Seeds Growing Kit - Grow Cooking Herbs Basil, Chives, Oregano, Parsley & More - Cedar Wood PlanterHerb Garden Planter – Complete Herb Garden Kit


One of the simplest yet decorative and efficient kitchen herb garden indoor kits is the Herb Garden Planter. This indoor kitchen garden set comes with everything you need for your new herb garden. It retails at $59.95 and includes 5 seed packs (parsley, basil, oregano, chives, thyme, basil, and cilantro). Each pack of seeds comes with instructions on how to grow them. The set also includes mini planters made of cedar, mini-blackboards for you to write the what kind of greens you’re growing, a seed storage bag, soil, and a water-resistant drip tray.

Indoor organic herb garden kit

EarthBox 1010011 Garden Kit, Terra CottaEarthBox 1010011 Garden Kit, Terra Cotta


If you prefer having an indoor organic herb garden kit that includes everything you need to grow plants and vegetables in a container, then you will love the EarthBox Garden Kit! This includes a terra cotta container that is large enough for herbs, vegetables, fruits, plants, and flowers. It is a wheeled garden box, making it easy to move into the sunlight or the shade. It comes with fertilizer and dolomite, so you only need to get seeds and mix for planting. The set also includes instructions for the pot set up. The garden lover on your list doesn’t need to be a green thumb to enjoy such a kit – read customer reviews here.

Add a little extra to turn your gift into the perfect indoor herb garden kit. For the purpose, choose the best organic 100% non-GMO certified seed kit to the set. The gardening amateur on your list will be grateful you did.

Germination station with heat mat

Hydrofarm CK64050 Germination Station with Heat MatHydrofarm CK64050 Germination Station with Heat Mat


For less than $35.00 you can purchase this Hydrofarm Germination Station with Heat Mat to get started on your indoor container garden. It comes with a humidity dome, waterproof heat mat (17 watts), and a 72-cell seedling insert. You get clear and detailed instructions on how to use this fantastic germination station. It enables you to grow whatever you want. You can even control the heat of your plants and herbs for optimal indoor growing.

For even more pleasure, add an organic vegetable seed set including up to 13 varieties of non-GMO, non-hybrid, heirloom and open pollinated garden seeds. These 100% organic kits are a sure way to please the garden lovers on your gift list.

Indoor herb garden kit with light

Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Extra LED Indoor Garden with Gourmet Herb Seed KitMiracle-Gro AeroGarden Extra LED Indoor Garden with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit


Your gift recipient will adore one of the most innovative kitchen herb garden indoor kits on the market… The Miracle-Gro AeroGarden is the one I talk about. This indoor herb garden kit with light includes an LED indoor container garden and the seeds you need to get started. With the AeroGarden, you get a seed pod kit and the pods, which include chives, two types of basil, dill, mint, cilantro, and parsley. It also comes with LED grow lights, a control panel, and the ability to regulate lights and water. These indoor herb garden kits with LED lights come in different sizes and prices.


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