Best Gifts for Garden Lovers

Unique Christmas gifts for gardeners

Are you eager to find out what are the best gifts for garden lovers? Then you have come to the right place. Here I’m going to list some unique gardening gifts to get your loved ones for Christmas (or a special occasion). The end of year holiday season is the best time in the year to give a gardener a present related to her hobby. Doing so enables the person to elaborate plans on how and where to use the present. It is also a good period to find more intricate and unique gardening gifts as the variety of items is wider.

best gifts for garden lovers


What are the best gifts for garden lovers

There is a large range of products that can be considered as best gifts for garden lovers. Yet when you are looking for such items, one should stand out from the huge number of related products. Such articles include:

  • Garden tool sets,
  • Garden aprons with pockets,
  • Decorative elements,
  • Plant pots and kits,
  • Seeds,
  • Gardening club monthly membership,
  • Bird feeders,
  • And more.

As you can see, it may become really hard to find the perfect gift for a gardener. So let’s see what’s unique and sure to provide your recipient with pleasure and a smile on their face.

Garden tool gifts and gift sets

Let’s begin with the garden tool gift sets. They are THE ones a gardening beginner will be grateful to get. They also come in handy for a trained gardening amateur since they may break one or another tool while working. Although they are quite standard presents, they are indispensable for your loved one to work. You can get them one by one or buy a pre-made gift basket.

Click the image below to have an overview of the 5 top-rated garden tool sets for women these days. These include basic gardening tool kits for ladies, ergonomic garden tools for women and even garden stool tool sets.

top 5 garden tool sets for women

Tool storage and gardening accessories

But the list doesn’t stop here. Your recipient might need accessories and storage units. In such a case, look for items that will add some comfort to her outdoor work.

A rack to store all standard garden tools will work greatly. If your loved one is subject to rheumatism, then a nicely designed knee pad will work wonders. And for those who suffer from back pain, a folded chair with backrest will be a great find. There are many more items that complete this list of best gifts for garden lovers. From garden waste bags to carts, to tool organizers, garden scooters and more. You can buy gardening accessories for a very affordable price from online stores.

Foam Comfort Cushion Sitting or Kneeling Pad With Carrying HandleFoam Comfort Cushion Sitting or Kneeling Pad With Carrying HandleRubbermaid 5E28 Deluxe Tool Tower Rack with Casters, Holds 40 ToolsRubbermaid Deluxe Tool Tower Rack with Casters, Holds 40 ToolsSuncast GDS200 Garden ScooterSuncast GDS200 Garden Scooter

Garden pots and containers

A gardener has never too many containers. Plant pots are always one of the most needed gardening accessories. For this reason your gift recipient will be grateful to get such a present. Garden pots and containers come in a large range of styles, sizes, colors, materials… Besides the standard plant pot made of terracotta or plastic or nicely decorated containers, you can find:

  • Terrariums,
  • Raised garden beds,
  • Vertical wall garden containers,
  • Stacked plant pots,
  • And more.

Click here to get a view of the 5 top-rated garden plant pots and containers.

top 5 garden pots and containers for the gardening buffs

Potting benches and green houses

When it comes to finding the best gifts for garden lovers, one can’t overlook potting benches and greenhouses. They’re very important accessories a gardener who considers her hobby seriously will need. Potting benches and greenhouses might look and sound costly, but lots of them are very affordable. Although there are very big greenhouses, you will also find mini ones. These come in handy in most cases as a gardener doesn’t always have use of a big greenhouse.

Potting benches come in a large range of different designs and most of them blend in the patio decor perfectly. They thus can also become entire part of the area. And your gift recipient will be grateful for the excellent comfortable gardening table received.

Adams Manufacturing 36-Inch Deluxe Garden Planter, Earth BrownAdams Manufacturing 36-Inch Deluxe Garden Planter, Earth BrownGardman R687 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse, 27Gardman R687 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse, 27″ x 18″ x 63″Merry Garden Potting Bench with Recessed StorageMerry Garden Potting Bench with Recessed Storage


Highly popular garden gifts: fairy garden starter kits

Fairy garden are extremely popular these days. And your gift recipient might enjoy indoor and outdoor miniature gardening. Suitable for kids and adults alike, these sets are selling like crazy these days. How about helping the garden lovers on your list enlarging their collection of miniature garden?

miniature fairy garden kits

Unusual garden gifts: bird feeders

Apart from gardening tools and accessories, garden lovers will also enjoy decorative and useful add-ons. A first thought goes to feeding birds. Bird feeders are among the best gifts for garden lovers on your list as these beings are entire part of the nature growing process. In addition, bird feeders add a beautiful touch to any garden decor: depending on their style, they add a classy or whimiscal look to the place.

Schrodt Designs ~ Glass Hummingbird Feeder ~ AmethystBest Gifts for Garden Lovers - Gifts & Decor Cowboy Rooster Theme Outdoor Bird House/FeederPerky-Pet 7103-2 Copper Finish Triple Tube Bird Feeder

Culinary herb starter kits

Another kind of great gift for garden lovers are the culinary herb starter kits. These come in different types:

  • Germination stations,
  • Kitchen herb starter kits,
  • Herb kits with lights,
  • Seed packs,
  • And more.

These sets make it so easy to start a culinary herb garden indoors. They are suitable for the gardening newbie and the trained green thumbs on your Christmas gift list. Click here to check them out.

Kitchen Herb Garden Indoor Kits

Stepping stones make the perfect gift for the gardener who has everything

Other great gift ideas for garden lovers include stepping stones. These are part of the garden decor and work well when it comes to finding a gift for the gardener who has everything. These unusual stones can even be personalized and some come in kits so as to enable your recipient to create their very own customized decorations. Some kits make them able to build garden stones with their child’s handprint and name. Others come with a nice poem, or include a mosaic kit, can be painted… You will also discover that numerous garden stepping stones have very special shapes and can be very big. Stepping stones are also among the best gifts for garden lovers.

Best Gifts for Garden Lovers - Midwest Products Basic Round Stepping Stone KitMidwest Products Basic Round Stepping Stone KitSpoontiques Life is Not Measured Step StoneSpoontiques Life is Not Measured Step StoneBest Gifts for Garden Lovers - River Rock Stepping Stones, set of 3River Rock Stepping Stones,
set of 3

Even more Christmas gifts for gardeners

When searching for Christmas gifts for gardeners, you will quickly find out that the range of options is wide. It is so wide that it is often hard to decide on a type of gift or another. But rest assured that the following selection include a large number of items that will please any gardener. Note: all these gifts for gardeners can be purchased online:

  • Gasing balls – they come in different sizes and colors and add a very special touch to the garden decor.
  • Gazing ball holders – available in different sizes and shapes.
  • Wind spinners – you can get them in the form of butterflies, sunflowers, leaves, and so on.
  • Flags – who’s the gardener who wouldn’t enjoy having the country’s flag in her garden?
  • Statues – the person who has everything will love getting a marbled angel statue, for example. Or an animal feeder on a pedestal.
  • Fountains – they add a touch of freshness in the hot summer days.
  • Birth baths – the pleasure of admiring bird having a bath in the garden.

Best Gifts for Garden Lovers - Lily's Home® Gazing Globe Mirror Ball in Silver Stainless Steel - 10 InchLily’s Home® Gazing Globe Mirror Ball Silver Stainless Steel – 10″Evergreen Enterprises EG2GB209 Peacock Birdbath on StakeEvergreen Enterprises Peacock Birdbath on StakeBest Gifts for Garden Lovers - Wood Barrel with Pump Patio Water Fountain - Small Garden Water FountainWood Barrel w/Pump Patio Fountain – Small Garden Fountain


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