Downton Abbey Christmas Gifts for Her

Downton Abbey Christmas gifts for the woman in your life

Downton Abbey Christmas gifts are going to please the woman of your life. The present I listed in this page are inspired from the highly popular TV series that hit our screens a few years ago. Downton Abbey series is a period drama with a story that began in the early 1900s. It tells the lives of the Crawleys, an aristocratic family, and those of their servants.

Downton Abbey christmas gifts for your wife

The show is enjoyed all over the planet for the reason that people, and in this case, women, enjoy things of days gone by. There is a lot of humour involved as we watch how the Lords and Ladies of the Manor attempt to get on with new developments and world events such as the war, infidelity, love and the odd death. The show is gentle and quiet and if your wife happens to be a fan, she will enjoy getting one of the many themed Downton Abbey Christmas gifts this year.

Below you will find the best gift ideas for fans of period dramas. All of them make wonderful collectibles for the future as the series has hit its last season.

The Downton Abbey complete box set

downton abbey christmas gifts - downton abbey complete box setMasterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey: Seasons 1-5 [Blu-ray]

This television series can be watched time and time again so the perfect idea for any lover of period dramas is the Downton Abbey complete box set on DVD or Blu-Ray. You can currently buy 5 seasons in one collection – and the sixth apart – and will be sure to bring a smile on your sweet heart’s face. Remember that Downton Abbey is in their last season (the series is ending). As said earlier, Downton Abbey’s 6th season (in stock on Jan. 26th) should be purchased separately.

Downton Abbey books

downton abbey christmas gifts - downton abbey booksDownton Abbey: A Celebration – The Official Companion to All Six Seasons

Themed books make also outstanding Downton Abbey Christmas gifts for the woman in your life. There have been several Downton Abbey books published and many of these would make a great gift for any occasion. One book called Downton Abbey: A Celebration – The Official Companion to All Six Seasons by Jessica Fellowes (niece of the show’s creator Julian Fellowes), guides you through the plot of the six seasons of the television drama (though the sixth season hasn’t aired in the US yet, so be careful when you buy this Downton Abbey book).

This is a hardcover book filled with lots of background detail and beautifully shot pictures of the actors, in character, as well as images of Highclere Castle, the estate used to depict the family home.

Downton Abbey castle ornament

downton abbey christmas gifts - castle ornamentDownton Abbey Kurt Adler Downtown Abbey Castle Glass Ornament, 4.25-Inch

If you are buying a gift for someone who loves to collect trinkets and ornaments, you are sure to find fantastic Downton Abbey Christmas gifts to get inspired from. For example, a Downton Abbey castle ornament that will bring a smile to their face.

You can buy a miniature of the Downton Abbey Estate. This 4.25″ castle replica is a model of the castle that is used to film the television series. It is made from glass, comes with the castle’s name and is painted gold with intricate and detailed work. You can buy this lovely Downton Abbey castle ornament to be displayed on a shelf or used as a Christmas tree decoration. This makes a beautiful gift for any fan of the TV-show.

Downton Abbey Cluedo

downton abbey christmas gifts for herCluedo – Downton Abbey Edition

downton abbey christmas gifts for herdownton abbey cluedo

As an alternative, you can choose to look into two-in-one Downton Abbey Christmas gifts. Is your wife fan of the Downton Abbey series and an avid mystery solver at the same time? The Downton Abbey Cluedo is thus the perfect present for her.

The Downton Abbey board game works like the standard Cluedo, with the twist that it was customized so as to match Downton Abbey castle and characters. The butler Barrow was found dead and police is investigating the case. All the residents are asked to provide clues to solve this murder. Who is the culprit?

Dept 56 Downton Abbey collectibles

Department 56 Downton Abbey Lit House, 11.42-Inch

Dept 56 Downton Abbey collectibles make fantastic presents for fans of the series. If your wife is a miniature houses and characters collector, I suggest to go with these Downton Abbey Christmas gifts.

If your wife is a fan of Downton Abbey series she will love this piece of artwork. The Dept 56 lit Downton Abbey castle was handcrafted and produced with quality materials. The castle features intricate details that make it look like the real one. Although this stunning Dept 56 lit Downton Abbey castle will greatly enhance your traditional Christmas village, chances are that your wife is going to keep it on a shelf all year long.

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