Grease Barbie Dolls – Great Christmas Gifts for Collectors

Grease Barbie dolls by Mattel make fantastic gifts for collectors

grease barbie dolls - Barbie in Grease! Sandy, Rizzo, & Frenchie Set of ThreeBarbie in Grease! Sandy, Rizzo, & Frenchie Set of Three
If you’re looking for Grease Barbie dolls for a collector on your Christmas gift wishlist, then you have come to the right page. Here we are taking a look at all the Grease Barbie dolls available in stores.

People who enjoyed the movie love to get the collectible toys related to it. And is there any better way to choose and get that so special gift your recipient expect than by doing so online?

Here you will find replicas of the nice and kind Grease Sandy Barbie, the cheerleader, the bad Sandy from Rydell’s fair; Frenchy in different situations, the Rizzo Grease doll in her pen skirt and pink jacket. One would just regret that Mattel didn’t think of replicating Marty, Jane, Danny, Keneckie and the other T-Birds.

These precious collectibles made by Mattel are jewels for whoever loves the musical movie and enjoys owning the character replicas. All the items listed on this page make fantastic Christmas gifts for collectors.

Grease Barbie Sandy doll at Rydell High School

grease barbie dollsBarbie Sandy Grease #2 – Tell Me More

First things first. Let’s start our tour with Grease Olivia Newton John doll. Ms Newton John played the role of Sandy, a wise young girl in love with Danny Zucco, a bad guy. This Grease Barbie Sandy is a replica of the teenager at Rydell.

She wears the pale yellow cothes you’d remember from the “Summer Nights” scene at lunch time.

What will your gift recipient get:

  • A Grease Sandy barbie doll dressed in a flared yellow semi-circle skirt with belt, white shirt, yellow sweater, and white sneakers,
  • The doll has golden hair and two pigtails with daisy ornaments,
  • A stand to display the doll in a standing position.

The Olivia Newton John doll measures approximately 11.5 inches tall. She comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Grease Sandy doll costume at National Bandstand

grease barbie dollsMattel Barbie Grease Girls Sandy

Olivia Newton John costume doll at Grease National Bandstand wears the lovely white dress she wore to the Rydell High dance. The doll is thus dressed in this white sleevless knee-length gown and comes with a stand that will enable you to place it in a standing poisition, accessories, and a certificate of authenticity.

The Sandy National Bandstand collectible doll includes :

  • Sandy Doll with White Sleeveless Dress,
  • Accessories,
  • Doll Stand,
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Doll measured approximately 12 inch tall

For age 6 and up.

Grease Rizzo Pink Lady doll

The Grease Rizzo Pink Lady doll is part of the Mattel collection dedicated to the popular Grease movie. The character was the leader of the Pink Ladies pack. The other young girls forming that group were named Frenchie, Marty and Jane. They were considered as frivolous girls, with an arrogant and egotistic mind.

This collectible Grease doll by Mattel brings the iconic characters of the film to life in the most memorable scenes from the film.

What’s included in this pack:

  • Rizzo dressed i her black pen skirt and black skirt,
  • The famous Pink Ladies jacket,
  • Musical doll stand,
  • Pink Label Collector Doll.

Grease Barbie Rizzo at National Bandstand

Mattel Barbie Grease Girls Rizzo

Provocative and sexy, the Grease Barbie doll wears a highly suggestive and unforgettable black polka dots red mermaid dress with spaghetti straps for the dance contest along with red sandals.

The Grease Barbie Rizzo collectible doll pack includes:

  • Details such as a black ring and red high heels perfect for dancing
  • Her classic dark short hair is styled just like the Rizzo character from the movie
  • A musical doll stand that features the title song from the movie
  • A pink label Barbie collector.

With the Rizzo Pink Lady or this wonderful Rizzo at National Bandstand dolls added to your gift recipient’s collection, you’re sure to give a collector an invaluable present.

Grease Barbie Frenchy doll at National Bandstand

Mattel Barbie Grease Girls Frenchy

Frenchy Grease Barbie doll is available dressed in her National Bandstand gown.

If there is a Grease Barbie dolls collector on your Christmas gift wishlist, then you will want to get one of the most pleasant and funny characters of the movie: Frenchy. The Pink Lady who managed to dye her hair… pink!

  • The Barbie French doll comes dressed in a yellow ruffled gown with spaghetti straps.
  • Her wrist is adorned with a corsage,
  • The doll comes with French’s blond hair color,
  • The Grease Barbie dolls collector on your list will also find a musical stand which features the title song of Grease movie.
  • A pink label Barbie collector is also included in this pack.

You will find more Mattel Barbie dolls and the Frenchy doll dressed in her Pink Lady clothes at the end of this page.

Grease Barbie Rydell Cheerleader

Barbie Grease Girl Sandy

There couldn’t be Grease Barbie dolls Sandy without the one featuring our Sandy as a Rydel High School cheerleader. This collectible is a must have for any Grease amateur.

As you recall, Sandy was once a cheerleader and even used to have a poppy love with Lorenzo Lamas. The cheerleader Sandy Barbie doll brings the iconic character of the film to life in some of her most memorable scenes.

This collectible includes:

  • Sandy as a Rydell cheerleader (red semi-circle skirt, white shirt, white socks and sneakers; red and white pompoms),
  • A musical stand to make the doll stand out from the home decor,
  • A Pink Label collector.

Even more Barbie Grease dolls for collectors

Don’t worry but you will find the bad Sandy doll if your gift recipient wants that one instead of the others. French, dressed in her salon clothes is also available in stores – she even has her pink hair. Did I mention that Cha Cha, Rizzo’s challenger is also part of these collectible Barbies? I hope that this page helped you find the right gift for the amateur on your list. Happy Christmas!

Barbie as Sandy in GreaseBarbie Grease Girl FrenchyBarbie Grease – Cha Cha Doll Race Day- Silver LabelCha Cha Dance-Off Grease Collectable

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