5 LEGO City Police Sets to Match The Police Station

The LEGO City Police sets are highly popular among children and make fantastic complementary sets for the little ones who have the Police Station pack already. These consist of vehicles such as mobile unit, dog truck, police boats and more. All these sets come with character figurines to add even more fun to the games.

5 best LEGO City Police sets that supplement the station

Kids these days are often the happy owners of the most trendy toys and accessories. And it may be hard to find the right gift that will add more pleasure to their activities. The LEGO City police sets are no exception with their impressive collection of extra sets. Here are the 5 best LEGO City Police sets that you can choose from when you’re searching for a gift to make a child who has the Police Station already. These will enable little ones to build a realistic environment and create unlimited “cops chasing mobs” sceneries.

LEGO City Police Mobile Surveillance Unit

LEGO City Police 60044 Mobile Police UnitLEGO City Police 60044 Mobile Police Unit


This 375-piece set includes a mobile police unit with all materials a real one comes with. The 2 police officers can that’s in the unit; the cops have all the materials to spy on the crook on hand and can then put the him in the jail box after the chase. The materials in the mobile include everything from surveillance screens to computers, road materials and even coffee cups. The truck is quite big as it measures 11″ long on 2″ width.

LEGO City Police The Great Museum Robbery

LEGO City Police Museum Break-in 60008LEGO City Police Museum Break-in 60008


The LEGO City Police Museum Break-in set is a great set for little ones who want to build a town around the police station. It comes with 563 pieces, which makes it a large set. There’s a robbery going on in the city museum and the two burglars are escaping from the opening in the roof. The four cops are already taking measures to arrest them. The set includes the museum (5″ H x 4″ W x 5″ D), the crooks van, an helicopter and a police van along with pieces featuring paintings, precious stones and other accessories.

LEGO City Police and its Prison Island

LEGO CITY Prison Island 60130LEGO CITY Prison Island 60130


The LEGO City Police Prison Island is a gigantic set including 754 pieces for at least 3 hours of fun building it and many many hours of entertainment. A prison is always a part of police/mobs things and there’s always some escape options coming up to the crooks minds. This is a great set to feature a chase after burglars’ escape featuring an helicopter, a police boat and many other prison accessories such as cells, beds, and more. The prison island with its control tower, watchtower, satellite dish, and helicopter pad is a big toy once built: 12″ H x 13″ W. The 8 character figurines include police officers, prisoners and… a shark.

LEGO City Police Criminal Boat Chase

LEGO CITY Police Patrol Boat 60129LEGO CITY Police Patrol Boat 60129


The LEGO City Police Patrol Boat is a 200-piece set which consists of a police boat and a crook’s boat. The accessories include two police officers and two burglars (male and female) and elements such as binoculars and flashlight, false banknotes and more. The police boat is large (6″ H x 12″ L x 3″ W) while the crook’s is smaller in size (1″ H x 7″ L x 2″ W). This is the ideal set to supplement a virtual town located in a seaside area in which kids can create stories of police chasing prisoners. It makes also a great toy for little ones to play at bathtime as the boats actually float (though some customers say that the little one doesn’t). Another positive thing is that the stickers on the boats are durable.

LEGO City Police K-9 Heroes

Lego City Police Dog Unit 60048Lego City Police Dog Unit 60048


Perfect for little ones who love animals, this LEGO City Police Dog Unit is the one add-on their town needs. The 313 pieces include 2 police dogs, a place for the 2 criminal character figurines to hide the product of their robbery, 1 cop and a police 4 x 4 vehicle. No doubt that, with this set, your child will be able to create a large number of different stories involving police dogs and gangsters.

As usual, those sets come in LEGO’s high quality materials and are compatible with all other construction sets from the brand.



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