8 Fun LEGO Friends Sets for Girls

Favorite LEGO Friends sets for girls under 12

The LEGO Friends sets are a line of toys especially designed for girls under 12. All children enjoy playing with the standard bricks and with this girl-y series, your daughter will love those construction blocks even more. The Friends series is the perfect Christmas gift to get a child between 5 and 12. These toys provide kids with hours and hours of fun. They also help to develop their imagination and creativeness.

The LEGO Friends line of toys enables your daughter or granddaughter to conceive an entire city. With its myriad of different buildings, shopping mall, stores, shops, houses, cars, pool and even pet stands, your little one be able to create a huge number of different stories.

Here are 8 fun LEGO Friends sets for girls under 12. All of them are compatible with the Heartlake series as well as with all other standard LEGO sets.

Stephanie’s Outdoor Bakery

lego friends sets for girls stephanie's outdoor bakeryLEGO Friends Stephanie’s Outdoor Bakery 3930While Heartlake City series includes a cafe, it also has a cute outdoor bakery that is run by a character named Stephanie. Today Stephanie is hosting a garden party and she just loves using the oven to bake chocolate cakes for her friends, washing the dishes in the sink.

The LEGO Friends Stephanie’s Outdoor Bakery set includes a lot of accessories:

  • Table and umbrella,
  • Sink,
  • Oven,
  • Cakes,
  • Plate,
  • Glass,
  • Milk carton,
  • A figurine, and more.

This cute LEGO Friend set for girls is a great addition to the City Park Café, which is also a part of the series.

Butterfly Beauty Shop

Butterfly Beauty ShopButterfly Beauty Shop 3187This adorable beauty shop in the series of LEGO Friends sets for girls is going to please your little princess. Your daughter will love to tell the story of the Friends going to the Butterfly Beauty Shop for a makeover. This LEGO Friends set for girls come with 221 pieces.

The construction set comes with a fountain that decorates the outside area of the beauty shop. Toy money is also included in the package. The beauty salon comes with a large number of accessories such as a hairbrush, mirror, lipsticks, hair dryer, bows, hair elements as well as 2 mini-dolls (Emma and Sarah).

After some time spent in the waiting area, Heartlake Friends will sit on the styling chair for a complete makeover. Then they will browse de wide range of beauty supplies provided by the store. The beauty shop register area is the place to pay for the goods.

The beauty of this series of LEGO Friends sets for girls is that it is compatible with most system bricks of the brand. It makes a wonderful gift idea for little girls who already own construction blocks.

Adventure Camper

lego friends Adventure CamperAdventure CamperThe LEGO Friends sets for girls series includes adventurous elements. The Adventure Camper is going to provide your loving one with hours of fun conceiving spring and summer adventures.

The Adventure Camper comes with 2 bikes and a surfboard that kids can place on the trailer pulled behind the car. The camper has a roof and a side that your little girl can open for inside fun. For picnic time, friends just have to bring out the table and cook some meal on the barbecue grill. This adventure quickly turns into a scrumptious picnic.

The camper also includes a television that the girls can watch in case of bad weather ; a bed on which they can sleep if they plan to travel for more than just one day. All accessories can be stored under the camper cushions (that they just have to lift to discover a wide storage area).

Other camper accessories include chicken, muffins, juice, cups, plates, bowl, pan, etc. The camper measures 15? X 2.2?X 10.3?.

Stephanie’s Cool Convertible

lego friends Stephanie’s Cool ConvertibleStephanie’s Cool Convertible 3183Another fun adventurous element in the series of LEGO Friends sets for girls is this car. Stephanie’s Cool Convertible is the perfect gift idea for girls who already own some main Heartlake City elements such as houses, cafe, vet’s, etc.

Heartlake Friends are modern girls who enjoy cruising the streets of the town in a comfortable car. They enjoy trips to the big city where they can go to the cinema or shop for fashion products.

Stephanie wants her sporty car to be as clean as possible. For the purpose, the set includes a water tap, a bucket and a brush. These will enable her to wash her car and make sure that it shines.

A street lamp is provided to leave the car safe after a fun night out with her friends. The car includes beauty accessories that Stephanie uses to style her hair. A mirror comes in handy to ensure her style is perfect. A lipstick is provided to put the finishing touches to her beauty duties.

Stephanie can now go on a city ride in her cool convertible with her dog Coco, her purse and an MP3 Player.

Heartlake Vet

lego friends heartlakevetHeartlake Vet 3188The LEGO Friends Heartlake Vet is the perfect vet’s office that the little girl on your gift list is going to find. It is also the ideal present for children who love all kinds of animals.

This set comes with a building that has different areas : a horse pen for these animals to be examined, an aquarium, an examination table for small animals, a mailbox, a hedgehog cage, an x-ray and a scale to take care of the animals’ weight. With some creativity your daughter will be able to switch pieces and create different buildings for hours of decorating pleasure.

This LEGO Friends set for girls includes a lot of accessories such as:

  • Thermometer,
  • Clipboard,
  • Stethoscope
  • Syringe,
  • Ice pack,
  • Spoon
  • Registration chart to keep track of patients’ state,
  • And more.

The package also comes with garden accessories such as flowers, colorful butterflies and ladybirds. Characters your little one will find in this package are: Sophie, Mia, Bella the horse, Oscar the hedgehog and the dog Scarlett.

Heartlake Stables

lego friends heartlake stablesHeartlake StablesThe Heartlake Stables come with horses that need everyday exercise and require from your daughter to be groomed. A pitchfork and a trolley come in handy to move bunches of hay to feed the horses. A well supplies the stables with water.

The Heartlake Stables come with a bunch of accessories:

  • Carrots,
  • Cups,
  • Book,
  • Abrick separator,
  • 2 practice jumps,
  • 2 helmets,
  • 2 saddles,
  • 2 bridles
  • An accessory set that includes brushes, comb, bows, hairspray, soap and prize ribbons.

This set of construction blocks includes a barn with two stables and comes with two mini-figures (Mia and katharina).

Mia’s Puppy House

lego friends Mia’s Puppy HouseMia’s Puppy House 3934Mia’s Puppy House is a dog show, which is taking place in the city. Your daughter or granddaughter will love to prepare puppies for the show. Using the provided spray bottle and soap, she’s going to wash the pets. Then, rinse them with the included tub.

Next task is styling the pet’s hair with the brush, a grooming table is included in the package to ease the process. Putting the finishing touches to their pet’s styling with the cute bow.

A bone and the winner’s prize are the pet’s reward for winning the contest!

Mia’s Puppy’s House placed under the tree is the best place for the pet to rest after the dog show. Mini-dolls included are Charlie the pet and Mia.

Olivia’s Tree House

lego friends Olivia’s Tree HouseOlivia’s Tree House 3065One of the Heartlake City’s main characters is Olivia. She wants to become a scientist and has a house located somewhere in a tree. Olivia enjoys climbing the folding ladder to relax and enjoy stories with her friends. The house comes with a hidden spot in which Olivia can hide a treasure.

Olivia’s Tree House includes 191 pieces that are conceived to build the tree house as well as the ground on which it is placed. The many accessories include:

  • A folding ladder,
  • A crow’s nest,
  • A telescope,
  • A flower pack to decorate the garden in which the tree sits,
  • The cat Maxie along with his food and dish (fish and milk),
  • Goldie that comes with his birdhouse,
  • Insects like ladybirds, colorful butterflies and much more.

Your daugther and her friends will have fun building and decorating the house over and over again.

LEGO Friends storage

Neat-Oh! LEGO Friends ZipBin 3000 Brick Storage Basket

All these blocks can be greatly stored in a matching basket. The LEGO Friends ZipBin 3000 Brick Storage Basket is the ideal storage means that you can find for such toys.

It just does not come in colors matching with the series of bricks. Once empty, it can be also unfolded so as to create a gigantic decorated mat. Kids can place their LEGO bases and play.

There is even more! The basket can hold up to 3,000 LEGO pieces, which makes it a winning all-in-one storage basket.

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