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Welcome to the Jurassic World LEGO toys

The Jurassic World LEGO toys are designed with kids in mind. And since the release of the latest Jurassic Park movie in June 2015, chances are that these construction sets are on your child’s present list. These Jurassic World LEGO toys were bound to be a hit among kids, which they were and still are.

lego jurassic world toys for kids

Spending your holidays in the Jurassic World Resort

Scientists conceived a new kind of dino type; which is a mix of a gigantic raptor and T-Rex. To add a little horrific touch to the beast, this awful creature is… pale gray. This dinosaurus known by the name of Indominus rex, is highly dangerous. The scientific team plan to introduce it as the pearl of death weapons. Sadly, the Indominus rex escapes from its quarter and runs all across the resort. Thanks to Owen and his team of raptors along with, in the very end, the help of the T-rex, the park is going to get rid of the Indominus Rex.

Kids love dinos and will definitely enjoy recreating their very own scenes using the LEGO Jurassic World figures and accessories. These building sets for kids can be given as birthday gifts or on any other occasion but I’m pretty sure they’ll be part of your child’s next Christmas wish list.

Let’s see what kind of LEGO Jurassic World dinosaurs stores offer right now.

LEGO Jurassic World Dilophosaurus Ambush

Jurassic World LEGO toysLEGO Jurassic World Dilophosaurus Ambush 75916 Building Kit

The LEGO Jurassic World Dilophosaurus Ambush kit is inspired from the Jurassic World movie released on June 12, 2015. Kids love setting up these building kits so as to recreate their favorite scenes. They also get 2 LEGO Jurassic World figures to add to the fun.

They will have fun rolling Gray’s gyro sphere in the jungle. Until he meets a dilophosaurus. Your children will then be able to re-play Gray’s rescue from the dangerous green dino over and over using the blue 4×4 car and its exploding accessories. Does the dino play hide and seek? The character can then use the binoculars to locate him. Then they’ll call the headquarters using the talkie walkie. The winch will enable them to capture the creature.

The Dilophosaurus Ambush includes:

  • Two movie characters (Gray and a soldier) with accessories,
  • One 2″ dilophosaurus,
  • A 3″ x 5″ x 2″ truck (4×4) and its accessories,
  • One 2″ gyrosphere,
  • 2 boxes and a chicken leg,
  • One pair of binoculars,
  • A wrench.

LEGO Jurassic World Dilophosaurus Ambush

LEGO Indominus Rex Breakout set

Jurassic World LEGO toysLEGO Jurassic World Indominus Rex Breakout 75919 Building Kit

The LEGO Indominus Rex Breakout is also one of the movie themed construction blocks series. This dino toy set is one with which your little ones will be able to create frightful sceneries from the movie or create their very own one.

With these Jurassic World LEGO toys, kids can recreate the frightening scenes from Zach when he got lost in the jungle. Zach is rolling in the jungle in a gyro sphere. The grey and white Indominus Rex has escaped and is threatening Zach. Kids must stop it and make sure to keep the park away from a massacre.

Using the helicopter, your child will get a better view of the landscape and be able to locate the Indominus Rex and the visitors. The chicken legs will come in handy to attract the beast. Phew, it’s now safely enclosed and visitors are safe!

The Indominus Rex Breakout set comes with:

  • 4 figures,
  • Weapons and accessories for the figures,
  • Tower,
  • Research lab with accssories,
  • 2 chicken legs, plants, coffee cup
  • Helicopter,
  • Gyro sphere.

LEGO Jurassic World Indominus Rex Breakout

LEGO Raptor Rampage set

LEGO Raptor RampageLEGO Jurassic World Raptor Rampage 75917 Building Kit

The LEGO Raptor Rampage is also inspired from the Jurassic World movie. Your little ones are going to love hunting for the raptors. Both Blue and Charlie, two raptors, are marauding in the park. They frighten and endanger visitors.

Hurry, gang! The Jurassic World raptor toy enable the children to take care of a highly dangerous task! The motorcycle, driven at extra high speed will make them able to flee the highly dangerous beings. Thanks to the veterinary unit and its mobile roof, characters can use tranquilizer and put raptors alseep for a while. This will allow our heroes to take them to their secured enclosure.

This Raptor Rampage set includes:

  • 3 Jurassic World characters,
  • Weapons and other accessories,
  • A mobile veterinary unit along with cockpit, rotating roof and accessories,
  • 2 raptors (two different colors),
  • 1 motorbike.

jurassic world raptor toylego raptor escapelego jurassic world raptor escape set

More of these building sets for kids

There are four additional Jurassic World LEGO toys kits your children can choose from:

The Pteranodon Capture box

This 174 piece toy is going to enable your child to capture the flying dino using the helicopter and the net shooter. Although it is one of the small kits, it comes with 2 figures to enable kids to create their very own sceneries.

The LEGO T-Rex Tracker kit

This T-Rex Tracker set is going to please 7 year old and above children. The dino is quite big (6″) and the 520 piece toy includes a lot of accessories, weapons, plus 3 figures, a dino cage and trap shooter. With this toy, your little one can let his imagination go wild.

The LEGO Jurassic World raptor escape set

This 394 piece kit that comes with 2 figures is perfect to compliment the Raptor Rampage kit featured above. Kids can recreate the team’s efforts and bravery to get the raptors back to their home. They’ll love the high speed offroader and also the intricate trap. The plus of these kits is they make little ones able to have fun, educational and very creative activities.

The Gallimimus Trap set

This 29 piece toy is an add-on. It is great for collectors, and for additional dinos to your kids’ sceneries. Yet the dino’s body parts cannot move. You have to know that it is a figure which appears in the movie inspired video game. It also comes in a bag, not in a box.

Gather more than one of these Jurassic World LEGO toys so as to allow them to recreate a life-like adventure park with which they’ll have hours and hours of fun.

LEGO Jurassic World Pteranodon Capture 75915 Building KitLEGO Jurassic World Pteranodon Capture 75915 Building KitLEGO Jurassic World T. Rex Tracker 75918 Building KitLEGO Jurassic World T. Rex Tracker 75918 Building KitLEGO Jurassic Park Jurassic World Raptor Escape Set #75920LEGO Jurassic Park Jurassic World Raptor Escape Set #75920LEGO Jurassic World Gallimimus Trap Set #30320 [Bagged]LEGO Jurassic World Gallimimus Trap Set #30320 [Bagged]


LEGO Dimensions Jurassic World Team Pack

Jurassic World Team Pack - LEGO DimensionsJurassic World Team Pack – LEGO Dimensions


Perfect for the little geeks, the LEGO Dimensions Jurassic World are a great alternative or can even compliment your child’s collection. If you’re familiar with them you know that LEGO Dimensions are adventure video games requiring a starter pack. And if you have this starter pack on hand already, your little one will love putting this pack on the toy pad and let the magic happen.

This LEGO Dimensions pack includes:

  • Owen and ACU trooper figures,
  • 1 Gyrosphere,
  • 3-in-1 Raptor.

Little ones have always been subjugated by dinos and these themed sets are surely going to provide them with lots of pleasure.

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