Kids Love My Pillow Pets as They Bring In Happy Nap Time!

love my pillow pets - genuine my pillow pet comfy panda large 18 black whiteGenuine My Pillow Pet Comfy Panda – Large 18Children love My Pillow Pets because they are adorable plush animal toys and easily turn into nap mat pillows. They make stunning two-in-one toys and comfortable products. So if you’ve never heard about these pillow pet stuffed animals, read on.

I’m here to show you the cutest large and extra-large pillow pets available on the market. These make extraordinary gifts for little ones as they can cuddle their stuffed animal toy and sleep with them when bed time comes. My Pillow Pets collection includes a large range of different animals to collect and have been top sellers for a few years.

Chidren love My Pillow Pets, which help them enjoy happy nap times

Yes children love My Pillow Pets as they enable them to enjoy their nap time much more than a standard nap mat pillow would do. This unique collection of stuffed items offers a very large range of different item all based on real life animals. Moreover they have been largely advertised (as see on TV).

So what are My Pillow Pet animals? They are stuffed toys that can be kept in shape until naptime. A piece of Velcro enables you, when nap time arrives, to unfold the pet and turn it into a headrest for your little one to sleep on. If kids love My Pillow Pets so much, it’s because they’re not just designed as toys. But because they can also bring them along when they need to take a nap.

These useful toys come in different sizes but the most popular are the big My Pillow Pets (18″) and the jumbo My Pillow Pets (30″). They have been conceived for a lot of uses and you can wash them when needed. The washing is simple: place the stuffed animal in a pillow case and wash on a gentle cycle. Doing so will provide it with a longer life. Don’t tumble dry the pets.

So many My Pillow Pets animals to choose from

One thing that might be troublesome is the large number of different animals you can choose from. Your child will love My Pillow Pets turtle, unicorn, panda renditions as much as My Pillow Pets penguin and other animal shaped toys.

pillow pets lady bug 18 inchMy Pillow Pets Miss Lady Bug 18″ (Unfolded)

My Pillow Pets Lady Bug

The My Pillow Pets Miss Lady Bug is among the most popular pillow pets available on the market and the insect comes in different sizes (from small to jumbo) so that you make sure it’s designed for your child. The Lady Bug nap mat is made out of soft material to ensure it is cuddly as a toy and comfortable as a pillow. The matching slippers are also available in stores.

My Pillow Pets Lavender Unicorn 18″

The My Pillow Pets Lavender Unicorn 18″ is also among the Pillow Pets best sellers, more particularly among young girls. It comes in different sizes and has a matching blanket that you can find in the My Pillow Pets blankets section.

my pillow pets buzzy bumble bee 18 inchMy Pillow Pets Buzzy Bumble Bee 18″ (Unfolded)

Genuine My Pillow Pet Comfy Panda large 18″ black/white

The genuine My Pillow Pet Comfy Panda (large: 18″ black & white) is so popular among children. Actually everybody loves pandas and this one is no exception. This panda is suitable for kids of all ages, including 1 year old babies. Plus the Velcro fastening feature makes it so easy to fold and unfold it.

My Pillow Pets Buzzy Bumble Bee 18″

Your kid is surely going to love My Pillow Pets Buzzy Bumble Bee (18″) with a passion. Isn’t this yellow and black plush toy adorable? This one also has its matching blanket. To unfold this cute bee, use the Velcro fasting feature and you’re done. Easy peasy…

There are even more of such nap mat pillows to choose from and your little one might just want to start to collect them all.

jumbo pillow pets - Pillow Pets Authentic 30Pillow Pets Authentic 30″ Moose, Folding Plush Pillow- Jumbo

Where to buy My Pillow Pets

Children definitely love My Pillow Pets and yours will too. Buy one for your child and you will see that she will want to take it everywhere go. But you might ask: where to buy My Pillow Pets? All good stores offer a vast range of such headrest items for little ones. And just in case you don’t want to deal with the crowd at the local shopping mall, you can buy them online. Stores like Amazon provide a big selection of these adorable folding genuine My Pillow Pets. The little plus is that these adorable stuffed nap mats can even make cute gifts for the “big kids” among us!

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