LEGO Advent Calendars for Girls and Boys

LEGO Advent calendars for kids are lots of fun for your little ones to patiently wait for Christmas morning. These make a very creative way to celebrate Christmas time for the children.  In addition, The Lego Advent calendars for kids are the perfect alternative to the standard ones that provide candies only and offer your little ones toys they can keep forever.

There are LEGO Advent Calendars for boys and girls

LEGO Advent Calendars for KidsIf you want to get really creative this year, get your children a Lego Advent Calendar with their favorite LEGO theme. An Advent calendar is generally made of a cardboard container out of which the kids can take candies each of the 24 days before Christmas.

One of the many pluses of these construction block Advent calendars is that your kids will enjoy owning 24 additional LEGO toys. Thus, they will be able to enlarge their current collection of construction blocks. If they don’t have any LEGO toy yet, chances are that, after having played with these LEGO Advent Calendars, they won’t want any other kind of toys.

The LEGO Advent Calendars for kids are low-priced. Though, they are a bit more expensive than other Advent Calendars (where they generally find candies). However, they are worth their price since they don’t come with candies but with LEGO toys. And these blocks have proved to be of high-quality and can last for decades.

LEGO City Town Advent Calendar for boys

lego advent calendars for kids - LEGO City Town 60133 Advent Calendar Building Kit (290 Piece)LEGO City Town 60133 Advent Calendar Building Kit (290 Piece)


There’s a total of 290 pieces included in this LEGO City Town Advent Calendar. The calendar consists of a cardboard box that represents the LEGO City Town. The 24 doors hide toy gifts, one for each day from December 1st to December 24th. Your little on will enjoy the discovery of a couple of hockey players, a firefighter, streetlights, a worker, Santa Claus and even a Christmas tree.

While the LEGO City Town Advent Calendar is a must have for any child, it is not recommended for kids under three years. In addition, children are known for loving Lego toys with a passion. Though, I’m convinced that grownups would enjoy such an item as well as they’ll be able to add figurines to their LEGO collectibles.

Friends Advent Calendar for girls by LEGO

LEGO Friends 41131 Advent Calendar Building Kit (218 Piece)LEGO Friends 41131 Advent Calendar Building Kit (218 Piece)


The LEGO Friends Advent Calendar is the perfect alternative for little girls. This super set comes with 218 LEGO pieces. Each and every day, your little princess will enjoy finding a new LEGO gift in one of the 24 doors. The figures range from characters to animals, cooking sets, music instruments, and a Christmas tree.

As usual, all these LEGO toys can be associated with all the brand’s construction blocks out there.

In conclusion I would say that the LEGO Advent Calendars for kids are definitely a great choice. They make a very original way to celebrate the Christmas season. And you’ll be delighted to see your kids having fun during the holiday season and beyond.

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