The Awesome LEGO Christmas Train 2016

The LEGO Christmas train 2016, from the Winter Village series is the newest train produced by the brand. This set is a gift that will please any kid from 12 years to… you name it. The beauty of this Christmas train by LEGO is that it can make a terrific present for Christmas but also for a birthday, a special celebration, … This is because these construction blocks can match with other LEGO sets.

LEGO Christmas train 2016 the perfect Christmas gift for kids from 12 and up

Children are the most excited about the festive holiday season and you are sure to ponder on what gift can make your child thrilled and loved. Moreover, you want to buy the most useful gifts for your loved ones rather than buying something for the sake of making her happy.

Now you can get the LEGO Christmas train 2016, from the Creator Winter Village series. This adorable Christmas train set is suitable for children of 12+ age and will make your child actively engage in the building fun.

Lego Winter Holiday Train 10254Lego Winter Holiday Train 10254


LEGO Winter Holiday train set 10254 comes with 734 pieces

This cute non motorized LEGO Christmas train 2016 comprises of many small components. Among them you will find:
Lego Winter Holiday Train 10254

  • A locomotive,
  • A tender, gondola and caboose,
  • A full circle track,
  • A rotating Christmas tree,
  • Christmas wreaths and garlands,
  • Five characters: the train driver, the ticket collector, a grandmother and her two grandchildren,
  • Tiny toys and gifts,
  • A lamp-post and a bench,
  • And many Christmas-y construction blocks.


The LEGO Christmas train 2016 key features

Lego Winter Holiday Train 10254
This set isn’t very large as the train tracks measure only 27 inches. But you can buy extra tracks (curved and straight) to enlarge it. These come in handy if you want it to fit around the Christmas tree or cross the LEGO Christmas village from the same series. As a matter of fact, tracks from the LEGO City series are compatible with the Creator train set.

Not only your child but the whole family can get together and have fun with LEGO Christmas train 2016 as it includes many activities which can be enjoyed by a person of any age. You will have 700+ pieces to be aligned and with the help of dual instructions you can make it a sheer family fun time by getting your family engaged in the building challenge.

Decorate the Christmas tree on the train and see it rotate when the train is moving, which is of course symbolic of the festive season. Also your child can experience a yummy cup of cocoa at the caboose where she’ll find the ticket collector.

All the parts need to be built and placed appropriately. The colors and the interesting figures can make your child curiously engage in the challenging building activity. It can of course help her to improve thinking and analytical capacity as well. And it’s one of the best ways you can make your child use the play time productively.

Click here to check and see all the customer reviews about this awesome toy train.

LEGO Christmas train from the Winter Village series


LEGO Christmas Train power parts

This highly detailed construction bloc train decorated with a holiday theme is not motorized. Though, you can purchase extra elements to make it ride around the tree or through the other Winter Village sets.

In case you’re new to LEGO trains, you will need to buy some materials. I thus suggest to gather the following elements:

  • A LEGO motor function (Lego ref 88002),
  • A receiver device (ref 8884) – the downside of this device is the locomotive part will lose its adorable Christmas colors,
  • A remote control for motor speed (ref 8879),
  • A power pack of your choice (charger, batteries, etc.) Though, customers find easier to assemble the different devices, especially the remote control that enables the train to be controlled without messing up with it.

And in case you already own a LEGO electric train, you should check and see if the power devices are compatible: some are.

The LEGO Winter Holiday train set instructions

Just like all LEGO sets, the Christmas train from the Winter Village series comes with instructions. However, if you got rid of them too soon, you can head to LEGO shop’s site and download a 92 pages instruction PDF.

This set is compatible with LEGO Christmas Village

This incredible train set is compatible with the LEGO Christmas Village from the LEGO Creator Winter Holiday series. What a joy watching it riding around the winter town built by your precious little one’s hands. You might even want ot start collecting these lovely toys. And you’d be right. Though, if you plan on doing so, I urge you to order your LEGO Christmas village sets soon as the brand is retiring some of them.

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