The Razor Crazy Cart – The Go Cart for Racing Kids

Razor Crazy CartRazor Crazy CartThe new generation of electric go cart for kids

The Razor Crazy Cart belongs to the various mobile productions from the manufacture that produces scooters, karts and mopeds. The Crazy Cart is awarded the name of “crazy” due to the fact that it resembles an average kart, however it comes with a complete 360° drive feature.

Especially designed for kids ranging from 9 years old and up, the Razor Crazy Cart provides your children with the option of using the incomparable ride system to go in ways that conventional karts as well as toy cars could not go.

What makes the Razor Crazy Cart great

  • The kart comes with conventional go-kart and multi-direction modes,
  • Has a speed of up to 12 mph,
  • Is conceived for kids up to 132 pounds (in weight ! I suggest to make sure your child isn’t too tall for the toy),
  • The batteries allow for up to 40 min of drive,
  • The foot pedal allows to control speed.



electric go karts for kids

Your kids will love the Razor Crazy Go Cart

Well who wouldn’t enjoy a toy such as the Razor Crazy Go Cart? The toy is also labelled as the Razor Crazy Drift Cart, the stumpy small kart is able to go really fast, so parents need to make sure that security attire such as a head protection along with shoulder and knee pads are being used by the child. You will find a seat belt on the kart however it is a kart, not a car and there aren’t any sides nor any roof. This makes it probably not a toy for a too young child. The unparalleled drift bar enables the child to be in command of back-end sway and direction.

This small toy car is even able to reach a speed as high as 12 mph!

Designed with a 360° turning feature – and this doesn’t stop there: the kart is able to drive forward, reverse, diagonally, and more – the Razor Crazy Go Cart is the perfect name for this impressive small car toy. The cart is powered by a 24 Volts (2 12V) dual battery that offer 30 up to 40 minutes of drive. It takes about 12 hours to charge the battery.

The other thing that makes this toy car great is that it comes with a pedal that allows for controlling the speed. This will be a great feature for your child to learn how to adjust the speed of the kart. Because it is a quite expensive toy, your child could even view it as a starter vehicle. Some previous customers recommend buying some additional wheels for the rear as it seems that they become worn down quickly depending on the use made of the kart.

It is recommended for the child to be used to the kart mode before jumping to the crazy kart feature. You should also take in consideration that the kart isn’t provided with a brake pedal. All in all and while there’s some assembly needed, the Razor Crazy Go Cart multi-directional steering system, if properly used, should provide your child with hours of pleasure.

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