Vtech Kidizoom Camera for Kids

Vtech Kidizoom Camera for Kids

Kidizoom Camera

The Vtech Kidizoom camera for kids is the perfect Christmas gift idea for the photographer wannabe children. These toy cameras are extremely popular and often on the toys best selling lists from both online and local stores.

The general feedback lets us know that the camera is durable although it’s conceived for being used by kids and that children really enjoy having a digital camera of their own.

What makes the Vtech Kidizoom camera for kids so great

Is the Vtech Kidizoom Camera like one for grownups?

The Vtech Kidizoom camera for kids is like those made for adults although it comes with a design especially for kids. It’s able to take photos and record videos, like your camera. But it is available in colorful models and conceived to resist to children treatment.

I know from experience that it’s safer to give children a camera especially built for them than letting them use your expensive one. Not that they’d break it while taking a picture, but they might forget about getting your camera back or just consider they can use it any way and end up breaking it.

Would your child enjoy the Vtech Kidizoom Camera?

Vtech’s recommendation is that the camera is designed with children between 3 and 8 in mind. Because it is especially made for kids, you will find out that even tots can use it. Naturally, with a 1.3 pix camera, your children won’t be able to take professional quality pictures but you must keep in mind that this camera is for kids and not for professional photographers.

Kids don’t mind the quality of pictures, though. They just enjoy taking lots of photos and share them with their friends. Once your child is used to take pictures with their toy camera, you can consider buying a higher quality one. With time, your child will also learn how to take care of such a precious item.

The camera also comes with numerous effects so as to let them transform their pictures with the click of a button. This allows them to let their creativeness go wild. They can also make videos and download them on the computer. Wow, some movie creators might let their imagination explode.

With the help of this camera you can teach your child how to observe things, how to get patient, how to take the best picture. The Vtech Kidizoom camera for kids isn’t just a toy, it’s also a great learning tool.

The camera includes all your child needs to start learning how to take photographs and make films:

  • 1.8″ color screen,
  • Video and sound recording,
  • 4 x zoom,
  • Special effects (visual and sounds),
  • Allows the addition of a microSD card (to be purchased separately),
  • Connection to a PC or Mac via USB slot,
  • Option to connect to VTech’s Learning Lodge™ to for extra downloads.

At the price it’s tagged it really is a great gift for your kids to learn how to get creative and develop their artistic skills.

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