6 Fairy Garden Starter Kits for Kids and Adults

Fairy garden starter kits are one of the best gifts for gardeners these days. Provided that they are interested in miniature gardening. But even if they aren’t, they’re going to love fairy garden starter kits and accessories.

Fairy garden starter kits are the best gifts for gardeners

Fairy gardens are one of the most popular hobbies right now and such starter kits are selling like cakes. Miniature gardening is not just a fun activity for families, it is also an excellent source for gift ideas. Let alone that this type of hobby can be done indoor and outdoor.

fairy garden starter kits for garden lovers

Here are some fairy garden starter kits that include what your gift recipients need to get started. As you will see, they are all adorable and who knows, you might even find some gifs for yourself. So, let’s start our tour of the best gifts for garden lovers on your list.

Fairy garden kits for kids

Children don’t have to be garden lovers to enjoy creating enchanted miniature garden. All kids will love getting fairy garden starter kits especially meant for them. Here are three accessory packages for them to begin their new hobby.

Enchanted fairy garden kits for kids

Enchanted Fairy Garden KitEnchanted Fairy Garden Kit


Let’s begin with enchanted fairy garden kits. The one featured here is a starter kit that comes with everything little garden lovers need to begin this new activity. The Enchanted Fairy Garden Kit, is retailing at less than $25. This miniature starter package for gardeners will enable green fingered little ones to create their very own mini yard with instructions that are very easy to follow. Your gift recipient won’t just receive the container, accessories like toadstools, gems, stones, and fairies, but the package includes seeds and even the soil. The acrylic paints that come along make this pack even more attractive for little ones.

Mediterranean tiny garden package

Mossfairy 10pcs Miniature Fairy Garden Dollhouse Mediterranean Style DIY kitMossfairy 10pcs Miniature Fairy Garden Dollhouse Mediterranean Style DIY kit


The Mossfairy Miniature Fairy Garden Dollhouse kit is a perfect set that enables your little ones to create a Mediterranean style scenery. It comes with a tower shaped house made out of resin, moss, red mushrooms, animals such as a tortoise, rabbits and even includes stairs. Make sure not to get such a gift to kids under 3 as it comes with tiny pieces. The set retails for less than $10. At this price you will have to find a fairy to add to the scenery, though.

Fairy garden decor and ornaments

48pcs Fairy Garden Dollhouse Miniature Ornament DIY Kit with Storage Box48pcs Fairy Garden Dollhouse Miniature Ornament DIY Kit with Storage Box


The Fairy Garden Dollhouse Miniature Ornament DIY Kit allows you to create a fairy garden from scratch or add ornaments to an existing one. It comes with 48 pieces, which consist in fairy garden decor (lamps, chairs, fence, …) and ornaments (hedgehogs, flowers, ducks, …) along with a handy storage box. For less than $15, you will get all these 48 pieces that also include a love sign, a postbox and even a road sign plus the plastic box to store all these elements. You can even go ahead and get your gift recipient a tiny house to complete the set.

Miniature fairy garden kits for adults

When it comes to miniature fairy garden kits for adults, there is no general rule. Everybody loves to take a look at the items listed above, regardless of their age. Yet, there are kits that come with a less childish look and are especially designed with grownups in mind. Here are three of these miniature fairy garden starter kits.

Stylish and exquisite fairy garden accessories

Echo Valley 6240 Fairy Garden Starter Accessory KitEcho Valley 6240 Fairy Garden Starter Accessory Kit


Perfect for beginners, this fairy garden starter kit is going to help them start their new hobby. This pack comes with a more mature look and features delicate and stylish elements. This is a beautifully crafted pack. It comes with everything your gift recipient needs to create her very own fairy garden: a fence, an arch, a bench, a watercan, a birdbath, a welcome sign and, of course, a fairy. This is a fantastic gift for garden lovers that won’t break the bank as you can get all of this for less than $30.00.

Miniature fairy garden kit

Miniature Fairy Garden Starter KitMiniature Fairy Garden Starter Kit


Your gift recipient can start their fairy garden with this fun hand-painted fairy cottage kit. It retails for $99.95 and comes with the planter. Nine mini accessories including a house, a mini-fish pond with gold fish, tiny stepping stones, plants, chair set, and a fire pit complete the set. It doesn’t come with a fairy or gnome: this will enable your gift recipient to choose their favorite dolls (fairies, gnomes, hedgehogs, etc.) The set makes a fantastic fairy garden starter kit for anyone eager to start a brand new miniature scenery.

Mini garden gnome set

Miniature Gnomes on Vacation Camper Trailer Outdoor Fairy Garden SetMiniature Gnomes on Vacation Camper Trailer Outdoor Fairy Garden Set


Adults generally love to add a whimsical touch to their creations. This can be done with this fun garden gnome starter kit. The package comes with a miniature camper, tiny gnomes and animals from the park. This set enables your gift recipient to mimic happy campers in their miniature garden. The camper is made of ceramic while the rest of the elements are made of resin. This mini gnome garden kit sells for less than $45 and will provide your gift recipient with lots of pleasure.

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